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   With your  registration key, launch Bosun and click the unlock button on Bosun's Startup Form.  Then click Internet Unlock and enter the Registration key in the Login Password field.  You are done.

   If you wish to register this software from a computer where the software does not reside,  go to and enter your Registration Key in the Password field provided.   You will receive a Manual Unlock code after providing your Computer's Fingerprint.   Find your computer's Fingerprint  by launching Bosun, clicking the unlock button on Bosun's Startup Form and then click the Manual Unlock button.

   After receiving a Manual Unlock Code,  once again launch Bosun, click the unlock button on Bosun's Startup Form and click the Manual Unlock button.   Enter your Unlock Code and you are done.

   Each purchase of this software allows you to install and run Bosun on 3 separate computers.  This means your Registration Key will provide 3 separate unlock codes.  Unlocking can be accomplished automatically by using the Internet Unlock Button in the Security Form on each machine or by navigating to Bosun's Security page yourself and acquiring and applying a manual unlock code on each individual computer.

  If necessary, contact  us a  We will be happy to email your Manual Unlock code if you wish.





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