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SelfTailing Software  ...  by Bosun's Buddy

    Bosun holds an AA degree in data processing.  He specialized in the field of large main frame databases for 12 years and worked as a computer consultant on numerous projects, large and small for 10 more.

    Bosun is a boater.  He travels the waterways of Alaska, Mexico, and many ports in between.  As a young man, he gill netted salmon with his own fish boat in the Pacific Northwest and seined commercially on others during Alaskan Summers.  Bosun learned early on that good record keeping means a safe boating experience and is essential to maintaining a well founded boat.  Having a comprehensive journal of your boating travels let's you revisit exciting times whenever you wish, entertain friends, learn from the past and prepare for the future.  Bosun's first set of marine log books were created using off the shelf products.  That is when the changes and improvements began. 

    Bosun's log books are not static.  They are continuously being refined and constantly tested.  User input is always welcome.  Now they have been reproduced using Visual Basic and Microsoft Access ... a powerful relational database.  Four years of work have gone into creating a suite of Electronic Log Books that provide full Vessel Management Services.  They are fast and easy to use, and make good seamanship an enjoyable process.

   Bosun is a sailor who lives part time on a pilot house sailing vessel named "firstlight".  Someone needs to test all this software code and it is Bosun who has stepped up.  Going from place to place, visiting new anchorages, fixing broken things, taking pictures, creating log book entries, this is a cost that must be paid.  You might someday see Bosun in his boat making Bosun's Buddy Electronic Log Books a better product.  Be sure to say hello.

    Bosun started SelfTailing Software in order to offer this Boating Product.  The mission is to produce vessel management software that answers the needs of power boat owners and sail boaters alike.  Whether a large yacht with sophisticated components and huge inventories or a smaller boat with simple logbook needs, you will find a fast and efficient way to document your life afloat.

   Requirements for Bosun's Buddy Electronic Log Books include a computer with an OS of Windows XP or later.  You need a monitor with a minimal  resolution of 1024 x 768, a hard drive with 2 G available space, a CD or DVD drive and preferably a digital camera.




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