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   Version 1.60   (May/2014) -    Updates to All Program Menus and Navigation System.

   Version 1.51   (May/2012) -   New Main Switchboard.  Updates to All Program Menus and Navigation System.

    Version 1.50   (Nov/2011) -   New Weather Log.  Use stand alone and/or as part of Watch Logs.  Fixes and updates applied to various Log Books to improve overall Program Navigation and Form Readability.

    Version 1.33   (May/2010) -   Gps Interface Added:   Stand alone Navigation Screen presents Course, Speed, Longitude, Latitude and Magnetic Variation.   Ability to link Navigation data to Bosun's Watch Logs, WayPoint Log, and Travel Logs  makes data entry quick and easy.

    Version 1.32   (Mar/2010) -   Updates to Reporting System:   Option to print all reports using standard size paper.  Ability to Select By Watch on Expense, Fuel, Water, Maintenance, and Crew Reports.  Fix to allow deletion of Hyperlink Files on a Single Record Form.  Fix to malfunctioning Record Selection Box on Supplier, Manufacturer, Creditor, and Payee Forms.  Fix to malfunctioning Report Icon on Supplier, Manufacturer, Creditor, and Payee Forms.

    Version 1.30   (Oct/2009) -  Upgrade to the Maintenance Scheduler that allows selection of records by Component, Task, or Category.  A Complete Indicator has been added for use with the Reminder System.  Upgrade to the Maintenance Log that allows selection of records by Category similar to the Maintenance Scheduler. 

    Version 1.26:   (Jun/2009) -  Every Log Book now has a Hyperlink Field.  It is accessed from the Notes Tab in the Single Record Form of each Log Book. The Hyperlink Field take’s the form of a List Box and makes available an unlimited number of File Associations or Links that can be associated with each Log Book Record.  You can use your favorite word processor to write narratives that link to your Watch Log.  You can Link important documents to your Maintenance Logs or show jpeg images in conjunction with your Crew Logs.  You can Link video files, music files or PowerPoint presentations to any of your Logs.  You can Link to Websites or email friends from within any of your Log Books.  You can also navigate to the Support Menu and Click on the Hyperlink Manager to View, Edit or Delete  all your Hyperlink File Associations.

    Version 1.25:   (Jan/2009) - Recompile of internal security files.  Coding change that allow Vista OS clients to use the Internet Unlock feature during the registration process.

    Version 1.24:   (Dec/2008) - Fuel Logs.  Tank Time not showing in the Log Books.  Hr/Qty, Qty/Hr, and Tank Time fields not clearing after the Qty field data was cleared.  Inventory Logs -  Upgrade feature allows adding new Inventory Items to Shopping Lists while working with the Reminder System.

    Version 1.23:   (Dec/2008) - Recompile to bring in new version of security module

   Version 1.22:   (Jul/2008) - Fuel Logs.   Allow users to over ride computed Engine Hour settings.  Fix to reports that will include Cost on Fuel Reports.  New Fuel Report that shows Engine Hours instead of Begin and End Hours.  New Blank Heating Sheets Report.  Upgrade to User Manual that reflects above.

   Version 1.21:   (Jun/2008) - Maintenance Logs.   Fix to Search Tabs at the top of the Log Book form.  

   Version 1.20:   (Jun/2008) - Fuel Logs.   Split  Fuel Logs into two.  Fuel and Heating Logs track usage on an hour use system and Water and Propane Logs now track usage on a daily consumption basis.  Added Cost field and new reports.  Number of Motors field was added to Program Setup.  This in turn determines how Engine Hour usage is computed in the Fuel Logs.

   Version 1.11:   (May/2008) - All Single Record Forms.   Fix to allow cancellation out of the Select a Photo process without removing existing Photo.  New button on Single Record Forms that allows selection of Image folder.  Autopays - change label names to match identical fields in Expense Records.

   Version 1.10:   (Apr/2008) - Added extra digit to Engine1 Hours, Engine2 Hours and Generator Hours on all related forms and reports.  Added 3rd decimal to the Longitude format on all related forms and reports.  New Vessel Report Menu.  Update to the Motors and Component Log book.

   Version 1.09:   (Feb/2008) - Practice Database no longer available as a Desk Top Icon.  Removed the practice database program (LearnDAta.mde) from the application.  Replaced with a backend file containing practice data (LearnData.mdb).  The same front end engine is now running the practice database as well as the real time application.  Navigate to the Default Tab in Program Setup to choose which LINK you wish to use. 

   Version 1.08:   (May/2007) - Fix to all Single Record Forms that allowed creation of incomplete records.  By clicking on the Add Button at the bottom of any Log Book, a user can bring up a new blank record - ready for data entry.  An empty record could then be created by clicking in the grey margin area of the still visible Log Book.  A glaring and embarrassing problem that I hope caused little suffering.

   Version 1.07:   (Apr/2007) - Update to the Travel Logs.

   Version 1.05:   (Mar/2007) - Update to the Reminder System.  Add ability to Remove All or Selected Records from the Shopping Lists.  Add ability to Update Selected Records from Items in Re Order.  Fixes to the Task Manager.

   Version 1.04:   (Feb/2007) - Update to the Watch Logs.  Renamed Current field to Tides.  Renamed Wave Ht. field to Visibility.  Renamed Description field to Remarks.  Added Sea Conditions field.  Made identical changes to Position Data in Program SetUp.

  Version 1.03:   (Jan/2007) - Update to the Motors and Components Log.  Added Cost, Date, Category. Manufacturer, OEM, Service Contract, Warranty, and Watch fields.  New OEM Report, old reports expanded.

 Version 1.02:   (Dec/2006) - All Single Record Forms.  Added ability to resize images in the Photo Tab.  Improvements to Bosun's Slideshow Program.  Incorporated the ability to install updates and new versions.

 Version 1.01:   (Nov/2006) - Update to the Maintenance Log Books.  Added new Maintenance Log Report.














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