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    Boaters travel by land too.   Document as many Travel Adventures as you wish.   Expense Information for each trip can be viewed by clicking on the Icon at the bottom of the form.  

   Enter your data directly into the log books or use the Single Record Form.  Generally speaking, data entry is faster with the log books but there are more fields available with the single record forms. 

   Click on the Expenses Icon for a list of Related Expense Records during the specified Travel period.

     You can bring up a list of all Travel Logs  by clicking on Travel Log Select.

   To add a  New Record directly in the Log Books, click on the * in the first Record Control.  You can then Tab or click in the Date Field and begin data entry.  To add a New Travel Log click on the * in the Record Control at the bottom of the form.  You can also create a New Travel Log by clicking on the Travel Log Select Icon.






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