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    Use  the Task Manager to break down large Maintenance Tasks.  You can track Parts, Hours, Costs, Suppliers and more.  If needed, make a reference in the Maintenance Log that denotes work performed here.

   Enter your data directly into the log books or use the Single Record Form.  The Log Book Form presents totals for the Hours, Costs, Taxes, and Total Amount of each job.

    To add a  New Record directly in the Log Books, click on the * in the first Record Control.  You can then Tab or click in the Date Field and begin Data Entry.  To add a New Job click on the * in the Record Control at the bottom of the form.  You can also create a New Task Manager Job by clicking on the Task Manager Job Select Select Icon. 

    Click the Task Manager Job Select Icon to view all Task Manager Jobs.  From here you can also add new jobs, and Archive old ones.  Click on the Maintenance Icon to jump to the Maintenance Log Books.





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