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     The name and Location of the Currently Linked Database File is Located Here.  It is Read Only and Determined by Clicking on Either the Default Data or Practice Data Command Buttons.   If You are New to Bosun, Navigate Here to Program SetUp and Begin Your First Session By Clicking the Practice Data Button.

   Choose or Switch between Bosun's Practice Database or the Real World File Allocated to Your Vessel.  The Default Database is "Bbuddydata.mdb" and the Practice Database is "LearnData.mdb". 

    Program Directory is Read Only and Cannot Be Change.   The Image Directory Shows It's Default Location.  Click on Browse Button to Change or Key in New Location.                                          

   Enter Tax Rate for Use in Costing Out Work in the Task Manager. 

   Save to Disk is an option offered on every Log Book.  Select the format here in Program SetUp.  Later, in each of the specific Logs, you can choose to save a copy of all available records to disk.  The results are stored in files located in the Program Directory.  Each file is given the name of Log Book being referenced along with an extension named determined by the type of format selected.

   Bosun prints Crew Reports for use with Customs and Immigrations when entering Mexico.   There are 2 to choose from and you can opt for the Alternate here.



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