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Expense Log
Watch Logs
Fuel Logs
Tickler File
Crew Logs
Travel Logs
WayPoint Log
Gps Data

      PositionCourse Data for Use with Watch Logs.  Enter Initial Values to activate.   New Watch Records will then have appropriate fields filled for quick data entry.  Make small adjustments to new data in Watch Logs and the results will be reflected here in Program Setup.

    Vessel:  Your Vesselís Name and Vital Statistics.  Use the Vessel Tab along with the Notes Tab and build your own Custom Vessel Report.

    MainPic:  Insert A Photo Into the Main Menu.  Click on Image in Main Menu and use As Wall Paper.  Set Your Own Background.  

    ReportPic:  Insert A Photo Into the  Reports Menu.  Navigate to Report Menus and click on Image to use As Wall Paper.  Set Your Own Background. 

    Defaults:  Set Program Defaults.  Link to Your Data File or use the Practice Database. 

    Slideshows:  Build Slideshows From Pictures of the Places You Have Visited, The People You Have Seen, And the Things You Have Done.     

   Click on the Program Icons at bottom of form for more SetUp Options


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