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     Fuel Log Books are of 2 types.  The Default is "Fuel and Heating" and all usage calculations are based on an Hourly time frame.   The second type is "Water and Propane".  It's calculations are based on Daily usage and is presented by clicking on the Icon at the bottom of the Default Log.   

    When you Navigate to the Fuel Logs, the Default Log is presented and the Default Type is set to Fuel.  The list then presents Fuel type records that have not been archived.  Other Fuel types you can select are Heating, Water and Propane.

    Bosun does his best to to calculate your fuel usage and asks only that you provide the current Ending Hours of engine use and the Quantity of Fuel brought aboard.   You can over ride most calculations with your own if you wish.

    You can enter data directly into the log books or use the Single Record Form

    You can clear the checkmark in the Hide Archived Records Indicator to view all Fuel Records of a specified Tank Type.  To view all Fuel Records, clear both the Tank Type and the Archive Records Indicator.  Click on the Tank Detail Icon to view the associated highlighted Tank Record.





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