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Down Load a Full Working Copy  of Bosun's Buddy Logbooks (Version 1.60).  This includes a User Manual, a practice database, and a Power Point interactive demo.  Included are a few jpeg images that show how pictures and images are handled.  Evaluate for 45 Days Free of Charge.  You may click on Orders and register for full-time use during the evaluation period.  The complete download installation program is 70 Mb and requires approximately 5 minutes to download on a high speed (54 Mps) connection.                                        

View Bosun's User Manual.   This is an online Adobe PDF file that  provides access to all of Bosun's  features.  You can print this document or download a copy for personal use.              

Down Load Bosun's Demo Program (version 1.0).  This is an interactive Power Point slideshow that presents major portions of Bosun's features.   

Upgrading to a newer version is a free service for existing clients.  First remove your existing version of Bosun's Buddy using the Windows Control Panel and clicking on Programs and Features.  Make sure and use the default 'Automatic' uninstall option when you perform the uninstall.  Then download the latest version (above) and click on the Bbuddy1.0.exe file.  After installation, open Bosun and use the traditional drop down menus to navigate to Program SetUp.  Click on the Defaults Tab and then click the 'Practice Database" Button.   Now you can navigate to the 'Help' menu and click on the 'Install Available Upgrades' menu option.  This will prepare your existing default database structure for the new changes while leaving your old data in place. 




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